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General Information

What is the daily drop?
Each day, thousands of domain names fail to be renewed and they become available to the public. A small percentage of these domains have a high value potential, so they can be utilized for monetization or development. helps its customers secure these high quality domains.Back to Top
How does a domain become part of the drop?
On the day a domain expires, it becomes part of the "Daily Drop". The drop is the window of time in which domains are deleted from the VeriSign database and released back to the public for a new owner to register. Back to Top
How does DropCatch capture domains in the drop? has a network of registrars that hit the VeriSign servers at frequent intervals every day during the drop window. Our advanced software, along with our network of registrars, help us catch as many requested names as possible.?Back to Top
Who manages is powered by All domain names that are purchased through will be managed at to Top
Can anyone sign up with
No. You must be 18 years of age or older in order to use our services; under United States law, minors cannot enter legally binding contracts.Back to Top
How successful is compared to other drop catch services? is very competitive. Our software captures a majority of the contested domains it goes after. The technology powering is state-of-the-art.Back to Top
Should I place orders with as well as other drop catch services?
Yes. To have the best chance at picking up a domain you should backorder domains at all major backorder sites.Back to Top
Was the domain picked up on the drop?
The domain name was purchased directly from the previous owner. The domain dropped back in 2003 which in turn led to a few different owners and eventually to one person being paid quite well for the domain. We're a domain development company, so we're suckers for premium, generic domains like this. Back to Top
What is a public auction alias?

Auction aliases are self-chosen nicknames which are displayed publicly during auctions; once set, these never change, so users can build an informal reputation within the community. As a rule, we don’t accept any aliases that are profane, derogatory, or otherwise distasteful (in order words, don’t be a jerk); if we see one that is, we will promptly remove it and send you an email asking you to choose something more appropriate. Do it a second time, you won’t be invited back.

Also, make sure your public alias doesn’t contain personal information you’re not ready to share with the general public.

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Does require any verification? does not require verification for you to place a $59 backorder. However, if you plan on participating in an auction and plan on bidding more than $59 in the auction you will have to verify your identity before you can bid over $59. We require this to prevent fraudulent bidders from entering into auctions.

Please note verification is a manual process and if you plan on participating in an auction you should not wait until the last minute. If you do not get verified you will not be allowed to participate in public auctions. To verify your account, log in then go here.

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What happens if DropCatch receives a chargeback for any order?

If we receive a chargeback, will reclaim all the domains that were part of the charged-back order (if multiple auctions and/or backorders were part of the charge, they will all be taken back) and DropCatch will suspend the associated account.

After that, we will relist the domain name in a new public auction on If nobody bids on the domain at auction, the domain name will be offered to the first person who placed a backorder on that domain name.

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What technology powers the Platform?

The software and advanced algorithms behind have been in use for many years and directly responsible for capturing more than 1,000,000 domains from the drop.

We have arrangements with other bulk partners who use the technology and network of registrars to acquire domains on the drop. However, all customers who have placed backorders will have exclusive priority over any bulk partners.

In other words, if you place a backorder on any dropping domain name and if the domain name is secured by our network of registrars, you will have exclusive access to that domain name (assuming you were the only person to place the backorder.) If two or more people place a backorder, the domain will go into a public auction.

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Who are third-party bulk customers?

We have contracts allowing third-party bulk customers to use the software and registrars to secure domains on the drop. However, all customers who have placed backorders get priority over any of these third-party bulk customers. We have created this rule to ensure there is no conflict of interest within the platform.

For example, say there was a valuable domain name dropping and it was extremely competitive and many customers as well as third-party bulk customers want the domain name. If this domain name is secured by any of our network of registrars, the priority goes to customers first before any third-party bulk customers. Thus, customers will always receive first priority over any bulk third-party customers.

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Why do I get a discount when paying with a NameBright funded account? charges a 3% fee to fund an account with a credit card or through PayPal. will only charge you 97% of the cost of a backorder or auction when paying with a funded account so that you do not pay more than you would with the other payment methods

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Backorder FAQs

If I backorder a domain does it go into auction?
A domain name will go into a auction if there are two or more backorders for a domain name. Auctions will last three days with the highest bidder winning the domain.Back to Top
Are my backorders seen by anyone?
Backorder information will not be shared with any other users of the platform or any of our affiliates. However, if a domain name gets two or more backorders, and the domain is acquired by, it will go into a public auction where your public auction alias will be disclosed, as well as any high bids as they are pertinent information to the auction.Back to Top
How do I pay??
There are two ways of paying with The easiest method is to use our online shopping cart and pay via a credit card like you do on any site. Another option is if you have funds in a account, you can pay using your pre-funded account. will attempt to process your payment at 2pm Mountain Time each day, and it will continue doing so until it receives payment – for a maximum of four days. It is your responsibility to render payment, if payments are not made the domain may be re-auctioned off. For high value auctions contact us and we can arrange alternate methods of payment as well.Back to Top
What are the fees associated with placing a backorder?
There are no fees to place a backorder! You are only charged when successfully acquires the domain name on your behalf. If we are unable to help you secure the domain you want, we do not charge anything for our efforts.Back to Top
When are payments for backorders taken?
Payments for all fulfilled backorders are taken just after 2:00 PM (MT); successfully paid-for domains are delivered to your account for management as soon as payment is taken.Back to Top
What happens if can’t collect payment for a backorder?
DropCatch will send out a payment failure notification instead of a receipt to give you a heads up that your payment method needs to be updated. Over the next three days (for a total of four days), we will try to process payment just after 2:00 PM (MT), and we will send out additional notifications on each of those if they fail as well.Back to Top
What happens if all four attempts to process payment fail?

If after four days we are unable to collect payment for a domain name, we will suspend your account and perform the following:

  1. If there were at least two other bidders in an auction we will re-list the domain as a public auction.
  2. If there was only one other bidder in an auction, the domain will be offered to the other bidder at the backorder price.
  3. If there was only one backorder, we may offer this domain to one of our bulk partners.
  4. Otherwise, we return the domain to the registry.

Whatever happens to the domain, though, we’ll suspend the faulting account and cancel all of its backorders and bids.

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How do I set up privacy protection?
Once a domain has been caught and delivered by, it goes into a “” category in your account. If you’d like, you can create a category called “” in advance (if we can’t find one with that name, it will be made for you.) You can then configure the settings for all domains that get added in the future (WhoIs, Privacy settings, Email Forwarding, etc). This will allow domains that you successfully backorder and purchase at auction to take on your preferred settings with ease. See here for more information on Privacy Protection from Back to Top
When is the cutoff time for placing backorders?
You can backorder domain names on the date they are scheduled to drop, up to 15 minutes prior the start of the daily drop window (11:45am Mountain Time).Back to Top
Can I cancel a backorder?
Yes. Backorders can be cancelled up until the cutoff time (Currently 11:45am Mountain Time). After that, all bids and backorders are binding.Back to Top
What happens after I successfully purchase a domain name via backorder?
Once you’ve successfully paid for your new domain name(s), you can manage them at to Top

Auction FAQs

How do I submit a bid?
You can submit a bid in one of two ways:
  1. Use the bidding controls on the search results page next to an auction item or in My Dashboard to set the maximum amount you are willing to bid in that auction.
  2. Before a domain has been caught by, you may place a max bid along with your backorder. If DropCatch captures a domain and you are the sole bidder, you will acquire the domain name at our backorder price. If the domain goes to auction, the system will automatically bid for you at the start of the auction until you become the high bidder or your maximum bid is reached.
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Is there any cost to place a bid on a domain in an auction?
No. There is never a cost to place a bid on a domain in an auction. You will only be charged the amount of your bid if you are the highest bidder at the close of the auction.Back to Top
What happens if can’t collect funds from the winning bidder of an auction?

The DropCatch auction system gives the winning bidder four days after the close of the auction (and attempts to process payment at least once a day) to ensure that an appropriate payment method has been put on file.

If payment cannot be completed, the winner’s account will be suspended for non-payment (backorders are cancelled and other bids are cancelled as well) and the domain is put back up for auction.

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What happens if two or more people backorder a domain and the auction doesn’t get any bids?
The “High Bidder” in any tie situation is whoever had the bid in the system first, meaning the user who put in a backorder first. If two users both used a $120 maximum bid, the person who first placed that bid into the system will win the auction.Back to Top
What are bid increments?

A bid increment is the amount over the last valid bid the next bid has to be in order to be accepted by the system. This prevents auctions from going on for an unreasonable amount of time because of non-serious counter bidding.

Here is the current structure for bid increments:

  • Up to $100: $5 bid increments
  • $101 to $200: $10 bid increments
  • $201 to $500: $20 bid increments
  • $501 and up: $50 bid increments
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How long do auctions last?
Each auction will last three days from the time it was initially created. If there is a bid during the final five minutes of a domain name auction, the auction is automatically extended for five minutes and the process repeats itself until there is a winning bid.Back to Top
Do I have to make all my bids manually?
No. You can enter a maximum bid during an auction, and will automatically place bids for you – following the bid increment structure. This process goes on until the auction comes to an end, or your maximum bid is reached.Back to Top
Will I be notified if I win an auction item?
Yes. You will be notified via email from when you win an auction, when an auction (which you have bid upon) closes, and when you are outbid in an auction. Please note email deliverability is not guaranteed, but we will use reasonably commercial attempts to send you these emails.Back to Top
What happens if I want to withdraw or change my bid?
Your bid is a legally binding contract and can only be increased once an auction has started. Any bid that you submit will be used to calculate the next high bid. In the event that you are the highest bidder at the close of an auction, DropCatch will attempt to collect the payment at the final auction price using your NameBright Account. You will not be charged anything if you do not have the high bid when the auction ends.Back to Top
Who Can Participate in Auctions?
Auctions on are public, meaning that anybody in the world can participate in an auction for a domain name. However, neither the company nor any of its affiliates or employees will directly or indirectly participate in any auctions whatsoever. is committed to an open and fully transparent platform, and will not participate in any auctions at any time.Back to Top

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