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Lifecycle of Expiring Domain Names

How backordering works: Backorder a domain, we'll help you acquire it. To start the process, place a backorder on any expiring domain. Select a domain from the list of domains in their deletion period, DropCatch will attempt to acquire these domains for you. This graphic shows the lifecycle of an expiring domain name:

Domain Registration

Domain Name is registered to a registrant.
Domain Name is registered to a registrant.

1 to 10 Years
Domain Expires

Domain Name expires and is not renewed.

- -
Auto-Renew Grace Period

Domain enters Auto-Renew Grace Period (AGP).
Once a domain name "expires" it is technically auto-renewed by the registry. The registrar of the domain name then has anywhere from 0 to 45 days to transmit the delete command on the domain.

If a delete command is not issued the domain name will be kept per the registry-registrar auto-renew process.

0 to 45 Days
Redemption Grace Period

Registrar sends the "delete" command to the registry.
The day after a domain name is deleted by the registrar it enters a 30 day Redemption Grace Period.

During this time the original registrant can still "redeem" a domain typically for a fee between $60 and $250. If the domain is not redeemed it will move into Pending Delete status. The registrant can still "redeem" a domain in RGP, meaning it is not guaranteed to go through Pending Delete.

30 days
Pending Delete

Domain enters Pending Delete status.
Pending Delete is the last status before a domain name will be released by the registry. All domains that go into Pending Delete will expire within 5-days. A domain that hits "Pending Delete" status will drop 5 days later and be picked up by the registrar that best understands the drop catch process.

This is where excels and can help you acquire the perfect domain name for your business.

5 Days
Drop Catch

Domain is released from registry and caught by the fastest drop catching registrar.

- -

Domain is auctioned to the highest bidder.
Once a domain name leaves Pending Delete it is made "available" to the world. The registrar with the smartest programs will typically pick up the domain within a millisecond of its becoming publicly available, and this is where DropCatch helps you out!

5 Days
New Registration

New Registration created by the auction winner.
The Auction winner may transfer the domain to the Registrar of their choice as soon as the auction is over and payment is verified.